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MadLab: The Marketing and Design Laboratory

Hi. My name is Mark and I’m here to help.

Mark Gibbs from MadLabUsually my clients run small businesses and aspire to greater things. Many have collaborated with me over many years and learned the value of my experience and insights to build success.

Here’s what I can do…

In our first meeting I’ll show you ways to get more business in the door. Work with me and we’ll start with doing the stuff that gets you the most bang for your buck.

Over time I’ll help make your business look bigger and more professional than you probably thought possible. We’ll build a consistent stream of new customers. We’ll turn your business dreams into reality.

Here’s what I WON’T do…

I promise to not bluff you with ‘science’. I won’t convince you to spend money where you don’t really need to. I won’t recommend projects designed to keep my staff busy. I won’t ramble on about ideas which may or may not work.

Most of all I won’t try sign you up to a ‘package deal’ that isn’t tailored to what you really need.

A very broad range of services

Smart marketing strategies

Looking for big results without the big budget?
We combine art and science to write marketing plans which deliver in the real world.

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Getting found on Google

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) is probably your most cost efficient form of marketing.
We produce better results for less. Our track record proves it.

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Builders of gorgeous websites

Great websites should not only look good, they must also communicate powerfully with words and images that target hearts as well as rational minds.

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Social media strategies

Marketing is being revolutionised by social media.
It’s time to stop shouting at customers and start engaging. We’ll show you how.

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Business image makeovers

Your brand should be an authentic projection of your core values.
Our creativity will make you reflect those values and stand out from the crowd.

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Print and sign designs

We’re not just a digital agency.
We offer graphic design and production expertise for cost effective brand building.

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The MAD blog

  Choosing a consultant?

Engaging a marketing consultant for your business can help take you to the next level.
But how to choose the right one?
Here are five curly questions to ask:

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  About the author

Mark Gibbs from MadLab

Mark Gibbs is a marketing strategist, business mentor and online communication specialist. His career has encompassed marketing management roles in leading organisations in the finance industry and not-for-profit sector. His clients operate in a wide spectrum of industry sectors and include retailers and professional service providers.

As the founder of MadLab: The Marketing And Design Laboratory, he is passionate about the current revolution in marketing which is shifting influence away from big-budget media and creating opportunities for SMEs to grow rapidly. A major focus is the latest developments in social media marketing and identifying ways to integrate new media with more traditional marketing communication channels..

Mark can be contacted on
0412 854 824

The non-expert’s guide to changes to Google’s SEO algorithm

I’ve lost count of the number of clients who have asked me how I can get them to the top of Google search results. The answer is easy (I’ll explain it in a moment) but the task of achieving this can be highly complex. Like the recipe for Coca-Cola, Google’s search algorithms are of course [...]

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It’s time businesses had access to new Second Level Domains like .sa.au, .adelaide.au or even or even .shop.au

With the exponential growth of new Top Level Domains (TLDs) being released globally, it’s time for Australians to have access to a wider range of domains that end with au. Currently there are over 1,000 new TLDs working their way through the convoluted system managed by ICANN, the Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers. [...]

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New Top Level Domain Names have arrived. The top 6 things marketing managers and business owners need to know about the coming internet overhaul.

The internet is currently having a major makeover. Thousands of new top level domain names, otherwise referred to as TLDs, are now being rolled out by  the governing body responsible for maintaining the functionalities of the Internet (ICANN) after years of talkfests and unfulfilled deadlines. These changes have important implications for online marketing and brand management, [...]

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Online reputation management is the new reality

With the exponential rise of social media sites like Yelp, Trip Advisor and other review sites, not to mention the many online forums where people freely discuss perceived poor treatment from businesses, executives and business owners are suddenly finding themselves acutely vulnerable to negative comments online. This is a problem which is only going to [...]

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The death of SEO

I've often described Search Engine Optimisation as the world's newest profession. SEO strategists, those who really do know what they're doing, often demand enormous fees from companies desperate to achieve high visibility on search engine results. Of course there is also a swarm of smaller businesses offering SEO services, often exaggerating their claims about the [...]

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Beware of Domain Name Group: A legal scam

I was dismayed a few weeks ago when I contacted a client because it was time to renew his domain name. He was utterly convinced he had already paid his renewal. I called in to have a look at the invoice... turned out it wasn't an invoice at all. Domain Name Group had sent him [...]

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The Zero Moment of Truth

We didn't realise it back-when, but a decade or two ago the world of marketing was so much simpler. The internet has changed all that. But it's not just the new plethora of marketing communications channels which has changed the world, it's also about how consumer behaviour has been revolutionised. In the old days marketing [...]

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Yellow Pages partnering with Google Adwords – What’s the catch?

Yesterday I had a phone call from a Sensis call centre in Melbourne. The genuinely friendly Aussie on the line was offering me an amazing opportunity to achieve top ranking every time someone searched for a marketing consultant on Google. I held my tongue between my teeth. I was of course itching to talk about [...]

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Social media trends to watch for

In my last posting I mentioned the ‘usual suspects’ of the social media marketing revolution; of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and blogging. But there’s a much bigger landscape beyond the immediate playing field. Here are just some of the other players to watch: Foursquare Foursquare in Australia is still trailing many countries in adoption [...]

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Should my business invest in Social Media Marketing?

Platforms such as YouTube, WordPress and Twitter have made it easier and more affordable than ever for brands to create and distribute their own content, thereby becoming media companies in their own right. Brands are investing accordingly — whether they’re hiring editors, producers and social media managers, or expanding the roles of their existing teams [...]

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Does Social Media really have a place in good marketing strategy?

The hype around social media marketing reminds me of the days of the dot-com boom and bust. Remember when it was cool to have a dot-com on the end of your business name? Remember the massive excitement about new technology which sent stockmarket prices into orbit? Remember the arguments about how the new paradigm was [...]

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Is Rupert Murdoch unleashing another Social Media dud in Australia?

Today I received an email announcing the arrival of a new social media site which has been developed by News Ltd. And I’m completely mystified about how so much money can completely miss the point of Social Media. Described as “A new media brand that combines the power of word of mouth, social media and [...]

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Australians hate marketing

During the course of running marketing research for a number of my professional clients I have encountered a recurring theme: People expressing a dislike for "marketing" and voicing apprehension that perhaps their accountant, lawyer, medical specialist or business coach was about to turn into something distasteful by marketing themselves. As a marketing guy I can [...]

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Websites for professionals – the seven deadly sins.

These days it’s generally accepted every business needs a website. That includes professional service providers who don’t feel any need to sell themselves, be they lawyers, accountants or dentists, even GPs, architects or naturopaths! After all, we all go to a lot of trouble to make our receptions, offices or rooms look presentable. How much [...]

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How do your potential clients know you’re any good?

If someone were to ask you how good your dentist is, how would you respond? Chances are you’d describe their personality, their location or perhaps even the standard of presentation of their waiting rooms to justify your opinion. As to how qualified they are to perform surgery on you, you probably simply assume there’s an [...]

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Marketing architect or builder?

Before rushing in to promote your product or service, you'd do well to consult a clear-thinking strategist; a ‘marketing architect’ who will help oversee and coordinate all your marketing activities.

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Why it’s so important for a small business professional to build a brand

There is one supreme though simple reason why professional service providers should focus on building a brand. In the text books it’s referred to as “brand equity”, in real English I’m talking about the value placed a brand. Whether you’re an insurance broker, financial planner, accountant, lawyer, plumber, builder or healthcare provider, you could be [...]

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Sales by increments

There’s another great lesson I learned from Craig Stubing which I’ve been mulling over. A couple of real golden nuggets for anybody looking to acquire new clients or customers, regardless of the business you’re in. Craig talks about initiating relationships with potential clients by giving them something of genuine value which meets the clients’ needs. [...]

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The key to success in sales

I met a remarkable man today. Craig Stubing is a genuine sales consultant, not a sales person with ‘consultant’ on his card to make him sound more important. Craig consults to a variety of small businesses to help them out at the really pointy end of their marketing; their sales processes. Craig reminds me of [...]

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Splash marketing or drip feed marketing?

There are two types of marketing strategies. You can make a big splash in the market. This is best achieved with a big budget and loads of creativity. Do it well and you’ll establish your brand by attracting attention and creating a memory that sticks in the minds of consumers for years and years. Remember [...]

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Earning money AND having fun!

Reading Richard Branson’s autobiography recently I have been particularly struck by his emphasis on having fun in his business pursuits. And why not? We can be so serious about this business of earning money, but the truth is we’ll all end up enjoying our lives a whole lot more if we mix in more fun [...]

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