About Mark Gibbs

Mark Gibbs has broad experience as a marketing manager and graphic designer. He holds an MBA with a marketing specialisation. Mark runs a consultancy called MadLab: The Marketing And Design Laboratory. Based in Adelaide, he operates around Australia.

Should my business invest in Social Media Marketing?

Platforms such as YouTube, WordPress and Twitter have made it easier and more affordable than ever for brands to create and distribute their own content, thereby becoming media companies in their own right. Brands are investing accordingly — whether they’re hiring editors, producers and social media managers, or expanding the roles of their existing teams [...]

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Does Social Media really have a place in good marketing strategy?

The hype around social media marketing reminds me of the days of the dot-com boom and bust. Remember when it was cool to have a dot-com on the end of your business name? Remember the massive excitement about new technology which sent stockmarket prices into orbit? Remember the arguments about how the new paradigm was [...]

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Australians hate marketing

During the course of running marketing research for a number of my professional clients I have encountered a recurring theme: People expressing a dislike for "marketing" and voicing apprehension that perhaps their accountant, lawyer, medical specialist or business coach was about to turn into something distasteful by marketing themselves. As a marketing guy I can [...]

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Websites for professionals – the seven deadly sins.

These days it’s generally accepted every business needs a website. That includes professional service providers who don’t feel any need to sell themselves, be they lawyers, accountants or dentists, even GPs, architects or naturopaths! After all, we all go to a lot of trouble to make our receptions, offices or rooms look presentable. How much [...]

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How do your potential clients know you’re any good?

If someone were to ask you how good your dentist is, how would you respond? Chances are you’d describe their personality, their location or perhaps even the standard of presentation of their waiting rooms to justify your opinion. As to how qualified they are to perform surgery on you, you probably simply assume there’s an [...]

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