Does Social Media really have a place in good marketing strategy?

The hype around social media marketing reminds me of the days of the dot-com boom and bust. Remember when it was cool to have a dot-com on the end of your business name? Remember the massive excitement about new technology which sent stockmarket prices into orbit? Remember the arguments about how the new paradigm was going to change the world. Remember the bust?

Well actually our world DID change. It just took a lot longer than many imagined, but the internet continues to profoundly change the way we work, shop and entertain ourselves. Luddite cynics may have felt vindicated by the bust a decade ago, but ultimately they have been proven wrong.

Much like the tech boom, the social media revolution is creating a lot of heat in the world of marketing and there is no shortage of naysayers, people who scoff at the effectiveness of Facebook or Twitter. Funny thing is, the ‘marketing experts’ I’ve met who fall into this category have barely cottoned on to how to use their email program properly. They are largely tech-illiterates.

I don’t believe social media marketing is the miracle marketing strategy that will launch your business into the stratosphere, but I do believe it is a vital component of any marketing strategy today.

I also believe social media marketing is the marketing communication channel which can give many small businesses the most effective return on their marketing spend.

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About the Author:

Mark Gibbs has broad experience as a marketing manager and graphic designer. He holds an MBA with a marketing specialisation. Mark runs a consultancy called MadLab: The Marketing And Design Laboratory. Based in Adelaide, he operates around Australia.