Social media trends to watch for

In my last posting I mentioned the ‘usual suspects’ of the social media marketing revolution; of Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, You Tube and blogging. But there’s a much bigger landscape beyond the immediate playing field.
Here are just some of the other players to watch:


Foursquare in Australia is still trailing many countries in adoption rates, but recent statistics indicate Foursquare is gaining significant traction in Sydney in particular and probably isn’t far off from reaching the critical mass to achieve universal awareness in the general population.

Foursquare is operated largely through mobile devices such as smart phones and iPads. Participants “check in” at various sites such as retailers, sparting events, night spots, etc. It’s a way of letting their friends know where they are but is also a game of sorts where participants build points and status.

Founded in 2009, there are reportedly over a million Foursquare users worldwide. A few big brands have jumped on board and this would have to be one of the biggest opportunities for small businesses if it takes off in Australia. Retailers and other businesses will be able to attract more customers through special offers and various other incentives, some of which are still being developed.


A sort of cross between a blog and Twitter, some commentators are suggesting Tumblr could rival Twitter in the foreseeable future.

Tumblt participants “reblog” news sources and other blogs they find on the internet which is of interest to them. The net effect is that content with a common theme is aggregated. By following the leading rebloggers you can keep tabs on general trends on the web and by positioning yourself as a commentator on a specific topic you can build your own loyal followers.

A new innovation on Tumblr has added particular relevance for marketers, the ability for anyone to ask a blogger questions (which can then be replied to publically). An important feedback and PR opportunity.

Larger brands have started to use Tumblr to raise issues important to them and build their image as responsible corporate citizens.

StmbleUpon, Digg and Reddit

I’ve lumped these together because they largely fulfil a similar function. In essence they are content discovery tools used by participants to point their networks to websites, blogs or news articles which they consider to be significant.

These tools are probably more significant to larger brands for marketing functions, but they have yet to gain traction in Australia.

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