Things Australians hate about marketing: No. 4: Don’t tell an Aussie what to do

Compared to Brits who’ll stand in neatly ordered queues for little apparent reason, or Yanks who seem to hero worship their politicians, the Aussies are an unruly mob. Telling them what to do is a bit like herding cats. To an outsider this Aussie trait can take a lot of getting used to, but take it from a convert, this is one of the most endearing part of the Aussie character.

Australians are a bunch of bloody individuals and this has frequently been their greatest strength. Just ask any of the old diggers.

So why is there so much advertising around which virtually screams at its audience? Do it NOW!

The cynics will say because it works. An aggressive, brash approach to marketing for a brash society. Thankfully I see light at the end of the tunnel. Those days are numbered.
Too many advertising types have mistaken brand equity with brand awareness. Marketing is about to undergo a significant revolution with the rise of social media and brand owners, along with their advertising agencies, are being forced to listen to their markets a whole lot more.

You see, it’s not enough just to raise brand awareness just by throwing a lot of money at mass media, it’s more important to cultivate respect and loyalty for the brand.

And if ever there was an endearing trait about a bunch of bloody individual Aussies, it’s their intense loyalty. Once it’s been earned.

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About the Author:

Mark Gibbs has broad experience as a marketing manager and graphic designer. He holds an MBA with a marketing specialisation. Mark runs a consultancy called MadLab: The Marketing And Design Laboratory. Based in Adelaide, he operates around Australia.