Why small business owners should consider public relations as a marketing channel

Many small business owners neglect the powerful effect of getting their business into the news. That’s probably largely due to ignorance or a perception of not knowing how to achieve this.

The answer could be a PR agency that specialise in working with SMEs. So I have asked the good folk at Good Business Consulting to tell us more. The following  is a guest blog posting from Phoebe Netto, Managing Director at Good Business Consulting

Have you or your organisation ever featured in the media? What about your competitors? Positive media coverage is a powerful marketing tool. Great coverage that positions you or your organisation in a favourable light can project the credibility, expertise, passion, and image that you want to convey. For example, an article in which you are positioned as a key opinion leader on a relevant issue can ultimately turn your potential customers and stakeholders into advocates of your cause, whatever it may be.

What media coverage says about you or your organisation

Think of it this way: if your organisation or business is mentioned in a respected media outlet that targets your ideal clients, it is going to have a much greater impact on your reputation than an advertisement would. This is because it appears to be far more credible when a third party says good things about your business than if you do.

When potential customers see the coverage, they generally think: “This media outlet, which understands my interests, has sought this organisation out for their opinion, advice and expertise. They could have chosen someone else in the field but they chose them.”

Why it’s important to combine media coverage with other marketing efforts

A common mistake organisations make after receiving positive media coverage is to do nothing with it. In today’s highly competitive world, this is just not enough. When complemented by efforts on social media platforms and more traditional forms of marketing, you can make your media coverage work even harder for you.

As an example, we recently secured some great media coverage for one of our clients. They were promoted on television, radio, newspapers, online news sites, newsletters, blogs and magazines. However, even with so much amazing coverage, it didn’t stop there.

The organisation took the opportunity to maximise the benefits of the coverage by sharing it online (through its e-newsletter, website and all social media platforms) to increase the reach ten fold. They also shared snippets of the coverage directly with its key members and donors and potential sponsors. This demonstrated the not-for-profit’s progress and momentum, ultimately bolstering donor advocacy.

Other ways to put your media coverage to work

There are many other ways that you can maximise the impact of your positive media coverage. For example, you can display it in your office or waiting room, mention it to clients, feature it on your website or even mention it in your promotional items (for example, ‘as seen in The Australian’), and countless other ways of integrating your media and marketing efforts to reach many more people than that reached through media coverage alone.

Essentially, wherever possible, all marketing efforts should be integrated; and, in any industry, potential clients are far more likely to want to do business with an organisation that is talked about and is in the media.

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About the Author:

Mark Gibbs has broad experience as a marketing manager and graphic designer. He holds an MBA with a marketing specialisation. Mark runs a consultancy called MadLab: The Marketing And Design Laboratory. Based in Adelaide, he operates around Australia.